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Wibke Brueggemann



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New Release

Cupid's Revenge
Published: 8.06.2023

For the record, it was never my intention to fall in love. But you know Cupid: he'll get you when you least expect it . . .

Tilly isn't looking for a girlfriend, but her best friend Teddy is.

Enter Katherine Cooper-Bunting: beautiful, charming, and perfect for Teddy. So why does Tilly find herself using any excuse to join the theatre production they're starring in?

And why can't she stop thinking about Katherine?

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Pre-order Now

A razor sharp look at the world of a teen girl, with heart, wit and a voice that'll stay with me.

Bethany Rutter, author of No Big Deal

Praise & Reviews

Hilarious, liberating, uplifting and brilliant. The honest and funny voice a generation of readers has been waiting for.

Lucy Cuthew, author of Blood Moon

Wibke’s writing is just so effortlessly funny and she has created the most amazing group of characters.


Yasmin Rahman, author of All The Things We Never Said

Upcoming Appearances

No upcoming appearances. Stay tuned.

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About Me

I grew up in northern Germany and the southern United States. I lived in London for twenty-five years, but returned to Europe in 2021 to seek love and fortune, and to learn another language or two (none of this is going well...). I'm a Jack of all trades with a Master's in Writing for Young People from the University of Bath Spa.

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